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Use the booking form below to book a slot at the
second round of non-statutory consultation events.

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Non-statutory consultation event booking form

Adhering to social distancing guidelines means controlling the number of people attending our events at any one time.

To meet government guidelines, we are asking you to book a slot when attending our events.

You may book on behalf of another person or group of people, however the Primary contact must take responsibility for contacting all those in your group if contacted by NHS Test and Trace.

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1st Oct 2020 - Rosmini Centre
2nd Oct 2020 - Wisbech St Mary Sports and Community Centre
3rd Oct 2020 - Queen Mary Centre
13th Oct 2020 - Marshland Hall
14th Oct 2020 - Oasis Community
15th Oct 2020 - Tower Hall
16th Oct 2020 - Walton Highway Village Club
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Any personal data submitted to MVV will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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